About Exceed Excellence

Exceed Excellence exists to unlock the potential of people from all walks of life to perform at their best… personally and professionally. Our approach is customized to meet the needs of our clients.


A nation of caring organizations and united families fulfilling dreams. Bringing people to greater heights personally and professionally, to transform our nation.


Our Mission is to enable individuals to be an effective part of their organization by realizing their true potential and excelling in every area of their lives.


We strive to highlight and maximize the WIRED aspects of individuals: Work and Life Fulfilment, Integrity, Relationship, Excellence and Determination.



Personality Plus © is a profiling tool from the U.S.A. which is used within our programs as a basic platform to enable participants to understand themselves first in terms of their true nature and device an action plan for their future improvement.

Benefits of Personality Plus

  • Simplicity – fast action and results.
  • Wide range of audience – corporate organizations and social groups
  • Time tested – More than 30 years
  • User friendly – easy to fill and tabulate.


  • “ The ability to perceive and express emotion, assimilate emotion in thought, understand and reason with emotion, and regulate emotion in the self and others. ” (Mayer, Salovey & Caruso)
  • Managing ourselves and handling relationships.


Benefits of EQ 

  • As much as 80% of adult ‘success’ comes from EQ (Daniel Goleman, 1995)
  • 75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies; including inability to handle interpersonal problems; unsatisfactory team leadership in times of difficulty or conflict; or inability to adapt to change or elicit trust (The Center for Creative Leadership, 1994).
  • 85-95% of the difference between a “good leader” and an “excellent leader” is due to emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman, 1998).
  • Social and emotional abilities were four times more important than IQ in determining professional success and prestige (Feist & Barron, 1996 cited in Cherniss, 2000).
  • The reasons for losing customers and clients are 70% EQ-related (e.g. didn’t like that company’s customer service) (Forum Corporation on Manufacturing and Service Companies, 1989-1995).


Increasing the Emotional Intelligence of individuals will enable organizations to reach greater heights… in many areas such as leadership, team-building, customer service, sales and communication.