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Feeling the weight of leadership challenges in your organisation?

Leader Development Experience

Experience a 6-month corporate training programme designed to transform your leaders into confident, high-impact professionals equipped for long-term success.

What LDE Includes

Enhance leadership intelligence, mindset, and self-awareness through Personality Plus©.

Connect at a deeper level, increase influence, and apply the Laws of Growth for greater leadership and impact.

Strategies to prioritise high-impact activities, sharpen problem-solving skills, create positive change, and navigate crises with confidence. 

Discover each team member’s unique gifts, restore their passion for work, and supercharge productivity with Patrick Lencioni’s 6 Types of Working Genius.

Master self-awareness, manage emotions, build empathy, and foster stronger relationships as a leader with the 8 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence. 

What Your Leadership Team Will Gain

with the Leader Development Experience.

Spark Growth

Ignite a growth mindset through the Laws of Growth

Lead with Purpose

Amplify leadership skills for real-world impact.

Unlock Self-Discovery

Cultivate self-awareness and a culture of appreciation.

Build Authentic Relationships

Empower authentic relationships, collaboration, and strategic prowess.

A Game-changer for Your Organisation

through personalised corporate training.

Build Leadership Titans

Cultivate a powerhouse of influential leaders and teams.

Enhance Teamork

Improve teamwork and communication dynamics.

Revitalize Your Culture

Infuse energy into every facet of the organisation.

Boost Creative Momentum

Heighten motivation, creativity, and job satisfaction.

The Leader Development Experience Journey

Focusing on community, coaching, and accountability, we deliver a comprehensive learning experience to equip your leaders.

Online/Live Training

Individual/Group Coaching

Interactive Activities & Presentations

Case Studies & Reflection

Goal-Setting & Graduation Ceremony

See What Our Participants Say

“This is the best training program from my experience. Well spent 6 months to upgrade myself for professional work and personal life.”


Technology Development Engineering Manager

“Awesome EXPERIENCES learning and interacting with peers and sharing different viewpoints. We enrich and complement each other. You get what you put in.”


Intel Finance Controller

“Get yourself leadership validated! The world needs more of you and me Great step by step, measurable and tangible improvement. This program validated my ongoing efforts, and provided better confidence in execution! Be a fearless and loving leader always!”


Technical Program Manager

“This program covers the breadth and depth on what we can do as a leader for personal and team improvements. This is one avenue for our continuous learning whereby we learn to relate the LDE learnings to our daily works. Anita, as usual is full of energy and it’s great to see a trainer who has so much passion in the leadership training classes.”


Engineering Manager

Trusted by Organisations Across Industries

Hi! I’m Anita Lawrence – a Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach, and the founder of Exceed Excellence Sdn Bhd.

As Malaysia’s 1st Certified Transfer Designer with the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness (ITE), I actively craft impactful learning experiences for enduring retention and practical application.

Leveraging my expertise through certification in Personality Plus©, NLP, EQ, and The 6 Types of Working Genius, I empower individuals globally in leadership and personal development to foster fulfillment in both their lives and careers.

I believe it’s crucial to find the perfect match for your team’s leadership development, and this session is your ideal starting point to make a well-informed choice!

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