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Anita Lawrence

Founder, CEO

A Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, Anita founded Exceed Excellence Sdn Bhd in 2003. With expertise in leadership and personal development, she has transformed individuals from numerous organisations worldwide.

Besides being a Certified Personality Plus© Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Practitioner & Assessor, and Worklife Asia Career Coach, Anita is also a Certified Working Genius Facilitator with The Six Types of Working Genius and Malaysia’s first Certified Transfer Designer with the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness (ITE).

Anita drives change through dynamic workshops, coaching, and captivating keynote speeches, empowering leaders and teams to attain career aspirations while nurturing fulfilling lives. Anchoring this impact, she annually hosts the global leadership and personal growth event, Live2Lead, in Malaysia.

Remarkably, Anita co-authored the Amazon #1 Best-Seller, "Inspirational Women of the World," during the pandemic, adding “author” to her list of accomplishments. Her media presence includes appearances on Malaysia's business radio station, BFM 89.9, and being featured on the cover of Women Entrepreneur India.

What Leaders Say About Anita​

Dear Anita, Thanks for your teaching... Yours words are like a lighthouse guiding my daily decisions... People drive Performance... Emotions drive People... Manage people's emotions to manage people's performance... If I take care of my people's emotions, they will take care of my business... I have been applying this for the last couple of months and have seen great results...
Anita is a thought leadership guru. I have journeyed with her in a 6 months leadership program and coaching which has equipped me with the positiveness and skills to navigate through the dynamic world of management and leadership. She is able to blend in her down to earth life experiences as part of her training which makes it interesting with a local blend. I strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to make a leadership change.
Anita inspired me to be a better me. Love her humor and passion for people, she found her purpose in life and inspired others to find their purpose too. Her energy is always contagious, positive, and highly motivated.
Working with Anita is fun! She is an excellent trainer who takes pride in her work and is very caring. As a leadership coach and expert, Anita demonstrates the true values of leadership in the way she engages and she is someone who leads by example. If you really want to know what leadership is all about, you need to engage Anita! An experienced professional trainer with many years of experiences and solid credentials!

Our Team