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Explore our programmes that will empower your leadership team with everything they need to drive positive change.

Time-Tested Teachings by John Maxwell

Our leadership programmes are grounded in the principles and expertise of Dr. John C. Maxwell, a leading global authority in leadership development.

Leverage Renowned Principles for Leadership Success

Maxwell’s worldwide impact reaches business executives, political leaders, and educators alike. Our programmes leverage his proven methods to unlock your leadership potential.

Our Leadership Programmes

Leading through Emergencies, Adversities & Disruptions (LEAD)

  • Equips leaders with strategies to navigate through difficult and challenging times.
  • They will be empowered to make sound decisions during periods of uncertainty.
  • Gain practical tips and best practices for leading through adversity.
  • Participants will learn to think their way through any crisis and emerge stronger and more resilient than before.

Redefining Leadership in the New Era

  • Transform organisations into places of growth and excellence through strong and influential leaders.
  • Provides leaders with the necessary tools and thinking processes to make better decisions.
  • Leaders will grasp how to build a stronger team and organisation, starting with themselves

Elevating Leadership through Intentional Transformation & Excellence (ELITE)​

  • Help leaders develop the key qualities necessary for effective leadership.
  • Focuses on developing self-discipline, problem-solving skills, and the ability to prioritize effectively.
  • Participants will learn to create positive change and lead their teams towards greater success.
  • They will understand how to strengthen their leadership skills and make a lasting impact.

The Best of Me
(For Leaders)

  • Participants will elevate their leadership skills leveraging John Maxwell’s principles.
  • Overcome barriers and deepen self-awareness.
  • Navigate workplace interactions with confidence.
  • Adapt their leadership approach to diverse personality types based on Personality Plus©.
  • Equips them to contribute to a positive work culture.
  • Participants will recognise and appreciate others with sincerity and purpose.

Leader Development Experience​

Immerse in a 6-month leadership programme that empowers employees to become high-performing leaders. Emphasising accountability, coaching, and community, LDE offers a comprehensive growth experience with powerful phases, training, activities, and case studies.

Experience the Exceed Excellence Difference

We’re making a real difference in people’s lives. Don’t take our word for it—see for yourself!

This is the best training program from my experience. Well spent 6 months to upgrade myself for professional work and personal life.

Leader Development Experience

LIM WEI KHENG Technology Development Engineering Manager

Awesome EXPERIENCES learning and interacting with peers and sharing different viewpoints. We enrich and complement each other. You get what you put in.”

Leader Development Experience

ALFRED ONG Intel Finance Controller

Self-discovery journey through Personality+, Apply AOC & ABC actively in daily life, learnt to proactively build trusting relationships with manager & team, embrace open mindset in managing “Emotions are Data!”, create space & time to allow team to speak through the negative emotions and develop plans that we can breakthrough together. Really a transformational experience!”

Leader Development Experience


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