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Increase productivity, reignite passion

Equip your team to love what they do and do it exceptionally well – without feeling drained!

Sluggish performance? Project mismanagement? Unproductive meetings?

Passion & Productivity Accelerator (PPA)

Increase productivity in your teams with our programme featuring The 6 Types of Working Genius – the groundbreaking productivity tool everyone’s talking about!

Increase Productivity the Genius Way

The Working Genius is Patrick Lencioni’s newest teamwork model that equips people to understand how they can contribute to work most effectively.

This tool helps individuals, leaders and teams better leverage one another’s strengths and understand how to be both productive and fulfilled at work.

Source: Working Genius

80% Productivity, 20% Personality

Working Genius goes beyond traditional personality assessments by focusing on productivity, providing concrete action plans, and taking a team-based approach to help participants identify their natural abilities and frustrations.


Resources Included for Your Team

Working Genius Assessment & Report

Quick assessment with comprehensive report revealing each team member's natural Genius, Competencies, and Frustrations.

Team Map

A visual representation of the distribution of the 6 Working Geniuses among team members, aiding in optimising collaboration and addressing potential gaps.

What Your Team Gains

Fulfillment Through Genius

Greater joy, passion, and energy by leveraging their unique Genius

Unified Communication

A common language to support communication and understanding

Collaboration Strategies

Effective strategies for better collaboration

Freedom from Judgment

Freedom from guilt, shame, and judgment around work

Clarity & Accountability

Avoid confusion on roles and improves accountability

A Game-Changer for Your Organisation

Optimised Role Alignment

Ensures the right people are in the right roles for greater impact

Results-Driven Meetings

Maximises engagement for purposeful and results-driven meetings

Fuel Team Success

Cultivate empowerment, communication, and heightened productivity

Achieve Project Excellence

Elevate project management and goal attainment

Culture of Excellence

Fuel a culture of creativity and consistent excellence

See What Our Participants Say

"Finding my genius competency made me aware of what drains me even if I am good at doing it. This comes as a surprise."
Kwan Ee Lun
Tech Leder
"Love the program so much and wish everyone in the organization will participate to benefit from the program. This will definitely accelerate our productivity and achieve the results far beyond our objectives!"​
Product Marketing Specialist​
"I recently attended Anita's Lawrence 6 Working Genius Workshop, and it was an absolutely transformative experience. Anita's wealth of knowledge and engaging teaching style created an environment that was both enlightening and enjoyable."
Reena Hoo
Communication Specialist
"Attended Anita's Passion and Productivity Accelerator and I would say this is one of the most highly engaging session. Love her humor, passion in people, and high energy that lasted through the day! She inspired me to move out of my comfort zone to grow to be a better me."
Leena Khor
Business HR Partner

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Hi! I’m Anita Lawrence – a Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach, and the founder of Exceed Excellence Sdn Bhd.


As Malaysia’s 1st Certified Transfer Designer with the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness (ITE), I actively craft impactful learning experiences for enduring retention and practical application.


Leveraging my expertise through certification in Personality Plus©, NLP, EQ, and The 6 Types of Working Genius, I empower individuals globally in leadership and personal development to foster fulfillment in both their lives and careers.


I believe it’s crucial to find the perfect match for your team’s development, and this session is your ideal starting point to make a well-informed choice!

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